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Long time readers will remember the 1950’s Home Interior series I posted early on in this blog. This is another shot from that series. It’s the test pattern from WFMY-TV in Greensboro, NC. So far, this is the only concrete clue as to where The UP lived.


Vintage television

Another shoot of the living room TV.  Probably handheld, given  the amount of motion blur.


That TV again

A close up of the WFMY-TV test pattern.  Lots of camera shake, which comes with hand holding a camera at a low shutter speed.


The UP’s hometown identified!

Special thanks to my buddy Jeff for discovering this.  If I’d been paying attention like I should have been, I’d have found it out myself.  That’ll learn me to process these negatives too quickly!

A few days ago, I posted the first of the 1950’s Home Interior series.  The centerpiece of this picture was an entertainment center.  I thought it was a phonograph/shortwave radio, but it was in fact an early television set.  Kudos to my wife for figuring that out before I did.  (I’m pretty thick sometimes.)  Anyway, Jeff looked at the large scan of the picture & pointed out this:

If you squint you can see that’s a test pattern for the station WFMY-TV.  That station is in Greensboro, NC, which is only an hour or so from where I bought the negatives.  So, the first piece of the puzzle comes together:  The UP lived in or near Greensboro around the late ’40’s/early ’50’s.  Let’s hope your blogmaster can be a little more attentive & figure some stuff out on his own next time!

Also, from this pic I figured out I’d scanned this strip of negatives backwards.  I’ve corrected this  now, so all previous & future posts in this series turned the right way.

Thanks, Jeff!