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Christmas Time

Guess I need to come up with a name for this young lady. She’s getting to be a semi-regular here.

I’ve heard of poodle skirts before, but never poodle sweaters!

This is the second of the odd sized negatives I mentioned yesterday. Click on the image for the larger view.


Baby’s first Christmas

This is the first of two odd sized negatives I found in the box. Had to get creative to scan them since neither would fit in my negative holder’s properly. Ended up cutting up an index card to fit my 4×5 holder & then taping the neg to the card. Worked rather well!!! Click on the picture for the larger view.

We’ve seen the young lady here a couple of times previously. Not so sure about her parents or the baby.

Looks to be an old Zenith radio on top of the piano. Least I’m assuming that based on the giant Z on the front. Can’t make out the name of the music on the piano stand, though.


Merry Christmas!!!

Where was this last December when I needed it? Buried near the bottom of the box, that’s where!