Girls on the Common

If this one were sharper, we might be able to get some clues as to The UP’s location. We already know it was in the Greensboro, NC area, but here we have to opportunity to narrow it down a little more. Provided the building in the background were in better focus. Here’s a close up:

Looks to be two storefronts. I can clearly read “Department Store” on the one on the left, but can’t make out what’s above it. Can also clearly see a drum set in the window on the one to the right. Stupid tree limb is blocking out the marquee, though.


2 Responses to “Girls on the Common”

  1. 1 Nathan
    April 8, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Drum set? I dunno– looks like a motorcycle in each of the store windows; jives with the bikes outside the store, too. Looks like a single or parallel twin rather than a V, so maybe either something British, or one of the smaller mass market American singles. Looks chunkier than a little Allstate, and the Harley singles of the era (like the model 165) I think had the exhaust on the other side, so it wouldn’t be so visible.

    I vote store selling British motorcycles. Heck, it looks like it might even have the characteristic English front fender number plate (though that might just be camera shake).I’ll look more when I’m not getting ready for work.

    • April 8, 2011 at 9:50 am

      Ya know, when I first looked at it I thought it was a bike shop, too. Wasn’t until after I posted it that I saw what appeared to be a drum set in the window. My first instinct my have been the correct one, though.

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