Photo of a photo?

My guess is, this is a picture of an open book or out of a window.  I’m leaning toward the book.


1 Response to “Photo of a photo?”

  1. 1 Todd G
    January 20, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    I’m thinking a pretty sophisticated still life setup. I (think I) see a small pile of dirt with rocks and small sticks and toy birds arranged with a small, live plant in front and a seascape photo stood up behind. This arrangement relies on the loss of scale from the two-dimensional photo to make it appear like everything is on the same seashore. If the UP used the Brownie Reflex, unless you cropped severely, he must have used a close up lens in front of the taking lens. Or maybe just an ordinary magnifying glass held in front of the lens. Either way the fixed focus of the Brownie wouldn’t allow for a reasonably focused image closer than about 6 feet on its own.

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